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The project is supported by the EU European Regional Development Fund and the province of Limburg.

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Bike Design

100% Limburg Bike Project

In this project CeraCarbon works with several other companies. Innovative SMEs join forces with the available expertise at the Brightlands Chemelot materials campus. Together we are developing an indestructible, light, fast, fully personalized racing bike for consumers.

A strong example of Limburg's pride. That is how one could best describe the two-wheeler for the sporty cycling enthusiast. A special Limburg knowledge product: conceived and produced in Limburg and tailor-made to the user in every detail.

A prototype is currently being finalized. The first "100% Limburg Bike" is expected to roll out of the factory in six months. The market introduction will follow in about two years.

CeraCarbon works within the concortium and is responsible for the CAD design, production drawings and the start of the pre-production. The individual parts are tested together with the Materials Center and Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL) .

What is so special and distinctive about the Limburg Bike? The racing bike has been assembled via various 3D printing technologies. The materials consist of titanium, sealed magnesium and carbon fiber. Every frame is produced to size. A copy is unique in shape, 3D printing requirements and color of the user.

The front fork is unbreakable. The combination of carbon fiber and Dyneema ensures optimum strength, stiffness and therefore safety. The frame and the connections are glued together with technology from the aircraft and automotive industry. A biobased glue is used for this. Sensor technology can be used to continuously monitor the load the bicycle is exposed to.