UpSide Down forks (USD forks)

One of the main advantages in USD forks are fixed tubes of larger diameter than the sliding tubes and the very long path of the sliding tubes through the fixed tube. The USD system serves to raise torsional rigidity and at the same time cannot twist in the fork bridge.

However, the unsprung masses in a USD fork are not smaller than in a conventional fork. The sliding tubes running inside the USD system are still made of heavy steel which makes the USD system not lighter than the old conventional forks

Ceracarbon now introduces a true patented innovation in motorcycle frontfork design in which we use all the advantages of the USD system and eliminate the major problem in USD design. Weight!

Our Ceracarbon frontfork innertubes combine sheer lightness, reliable strength and low friction into a ultimate solution. CeraCarbon innertube is a all-purpose application suitable for most frontforks and fitable for most aftermarket cartridge systems.

As a example: one typical 43mm steel frontfork inner tube has a weight of almost one kilo! A CeraCarbon 43mm frontfork tube has a weight of 237gramms which on a complete frontfork reduces the unsprung weight with 1.5Kg. Our solution is 75% lighter then conventional steel frontfork innertubes!

A complete 43mm Kayaba frontfork with CeraCarbon inside (1 leg including cartridge + spring) has a light weight of 2870 gramms!