CeraCarbon Front-fork

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CeraCarbon USD forks
Up to 75% lighter
Eclips GP

 Electric Superbike Twente

Electric Superbike Twente is a team of enthusiastic students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Next to upgrading our blazing fast electric superbike, we are designing and building a brand new, even faster superbike. Our team members all have exciting backgrounds, ranging from electrical and mechanical engineering to sustainable energy technologies. 

Ceracarbon Racing

Ceracarbon Racing was one of the Top Row Sponsors for the 2019 team and supplied the team with Custom Made CeraCarbon front fork based on the Öhlins FGR and Special Ultra Light Racing Sprockets.

Suspension / Sprockets

Both the 2018 Bike (Liion GP, RIP) and the 2019 could be upgraded with ultralight CeraCarbon forks and Racing Sprockets.