CeraCarbon Front-fork

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CeraCarbon USD forks
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Nottingham University TT-Zero Electric Superbike

 Over 200kW

 Reaching speeds in excess of 180mph with 12 kWhr of stored energy and peak power of >200kW, the University of Nottingham’s eBike is advancing the frontiers of electric propulsion.

To reduce weight were possible the team is running a full CeraCarbon Superbike Front Suspension.

Running TT-Zero during Isle Of Mann TT-Races

Daley Mathison

Born: July 20, 1991, Doncaster, United Kingdom
Died: June 3, 2019, Isle of Man

Daley was an expert rider who took the University’s e-Bike to the podium at the TT Zero in 2018, with the second fastest ever lap speed by an electric motorcycle at the competition and was the first rider of an electric bike to win a race on a mixed short circuit grid.