Wear Resistant Composites

We combine the wear resistance of ceramics and the low weight of carbonfiber into a rigid, durable, ultra-strong and light-weight material (CeraCarbon). By applying a ceramic coating onto carbonfiber we are able to outperform any existing material. Our products are up to 3 times lighter than steel and 100 times more durable compared to carbon fiber.

CeraCarbon Sprockets

Combining ultra-lightweight carbon fiber with wear-resistant alu-ceramic teeth means our sprockets are some of the lightest in the world, while lasting just as long as steel sprockets.

All our sprockets have an Aluminium 7075T6 base that is optimized for weight. The teeth have a special inhouse developed ceramic coating for durability. By combining this base with a carbon fiber structure to increase stiffness and strength, a unique high-performance sprocket is created.

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CeraCarbon front forks

While all front forks currently still use steel inner tubes, CeraCarbon has managed to develop front fork inner and outer tubes fully made using the CeraCarbon material.

While a typical 43mm inner tube has a weight of around 1kg, the CeraCarbon inner tubes only weigh 237 grams! This means CeraCarbon inner tubes are around 75% lighter than the equivalent steel inner tubes.

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