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The next step in weight
reduction & wear resistance

Weight reduction is a challenge in all industries Weight reduction leads to either faster movement, less energy consumption and thus to a better environment. There is a strong push from the governments across Europe to further reduce weight. In many applications there is a limitation for further weight reduction.

When a part is exposed to wear, we basically can only use heavy materials like steel or ceramics. Today there is no material available which is strong, light and wear resistant. CeraCarbon took the challenge to find a solution for this problem.

Our products


Breakthrough innovation

We combine the wear resistance of ceramics and the light weight of carbon fiber into a rigid, durable, ultra-strong and light-weight material. By applying a ceramic coating on carbon fiber, we are able to outperform any existing material.  Our product is up to 4 times lighter than steel and 100 times more durable  compared to carbon fiber. Ultimately, our material aims to helps manufacturers  scale bigger and faster.

Current situation

CeraCarbon B.V. has completed and tested the first prototype, a lower pipe of the front suspension of  motorbikes. This is 75% lighter, wear resistant and as strong as the original steel one. At this moment we are testing these CeraCarbon downpipes, with various international motorbike and suspension manufacturers. Further road testing is going on. Our aim is the adoption for the next racing season, after which the market will adopt the new CeraCarbon motorbike lower pipes.

CeraCarbon moving forward

From the start we focused to make carbon fiber wear resistant. During the development of CeraCarbon we have spoken to a lot of industries, which asked us to study the possibilities for other composite materials.

By adjusting some parameters, we are able to make other composite material wear resistant and durable too. With our formula, we can give most existing composite materials a new future